The farm tour at the date and time you selected is already sold out. Please consider another option.

Buy your advance tickets and reserve your spot for a VIP Farm Tour.

  • Riding tour, approximately 30 minutes long
  • Sundays thru August 13 at 11am and 12 noon
  • Small group tours, minimum of 8 participants
  • No charge for infants and toddlers held in lap
  • Includes cold beverage and samples of a few different kinds of mangos
  • Tour guide will be an Erickson family member
  • Non-refundable

Erickson Farm

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early. Bring your camera and your sunscreen. Additional information will be emailed. Tours will only be postponed or canceled in the event of a thunder storm.

If a tour time slot does not reach the minimum 8 participants by the preceding Friday at 4pm EST it will be canceled so there will be ample time to notify everyone who registered.

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Tickets - Deadline for ticket purchase has passed.


Available all year


Mango leaves are for decorative purposes only. Mango leaves are a traditional decorating staples for Indian weddings and Hindu religious holidays.

How to Buy

Available in our online store. Mango leaves are shipped via UPS 3-Day select or 2nd Day Air. Sorry, no shipments to California or Hawaii.

Leaves of the mango tree are handpicked and shipped fresh the same day. There are approximately 100 leaves per pound; 8-10 stems consisting of 8-12 leaves. Minimum order is 1 pound. Mango Leaves

If you are ordering for a special occasion, please specify when you prefer to receive the shipment. Every effort will be made to accommodate these requests.

Most of our mango leaves are bound for a special occasion. To ensure timely delivery to your special event we recommend ordering 1 to 2 weeks in advance in most cases, although orders may be placed up to six weeks in advance. Delivery may be arranged for Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays.


To maintain freshest appearance, keep mango leaves in air-conditioning and out of direct sun light until time of use. It is not necessary to put stems in water. 

also known as: Alligator pear


Typically July thru October.


Florida Avocados have less oil than the Hass avocado grown in California or Mexico. They are excellent sliced fresh in salads. For guacamole the Tonnage variety is recommended.

How to Buy

  • Farm Stand - sold by the piece
  • Online store - Small boxes available for delivery

Storage and Ripening

Avocados will be soft to the touch when ripe. They should be stored at room temperature until they are ripe and ready to eat. Once ripe, they can be stored in the refrigerator for about one week.


  •     Dupuis- July
  •     Bernecker- August
  •     Tonnage - September  
  •     Black Prince - October/November
  •     Marcus Pumpkin - October/November (by request only)
  •     Choquette - October/November


Avocado is a good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin E and Copper, and a very good source of Vitamin C. Low in Cholesterol and Sodium. One cup of Florida avocado (230g) has 276 calories and 23g fat.

Also known as betel leaf


Most plentiful in summer


Paan can be chewed as a palate cleanser and breath freshener, often with a filler such as areca nut. Believed by some to have medicinal properties.

Also used for decoration; paan has symbolic value at religious ceremonies and cultural events in South and Southeast Asia.

How to Buy

Available for shipping in our online store. Paan leaves are shipped via UPS 2-Day, however expedited overnight shipping is available. Sorry, no shipments to California or Hawaii.

Picked and shipped the same day, paan leaves are packaged by the pound bag. There are approximately 160 leaves per pound during winter months and about 120 during the summer.

The minimum order is one pound.

Also available in combo packages with mango leaves.